Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Activites...

With me working more, I am really trying to take advantage of the time I have with Isla... doing lots of summer, outdoor, FUN activities... that is if the weather allows of course. Recently, we have visited the zoo, the St. Albert spray park and played in the backyard with our new big fun toys. Comparing Isla from last summer to this summer is just incredible... what a difference a year makes in their lives. Last year, I looked the same, I did the same things, I wore the same clothes... but not Isla! She is just so much fun.

climbing the slide

wants to be just like her daddy sporting his horse bandana

 playing in her Winnie the Pooh house

 at the Zoo waiting to get a glimpse of Luci - CHEESE!

 EEEE- EEEEEEEE - Isla making her monkey noises

riding the train

pointing at the owls -  WHooooo Whooooo

loving the spray park

 don't know which one she loved better - the spray park or the non water park
We love the squiggly slide (and yes, I do have a top on)

getting braver... the water was a little chilly

warming up

mmmmmmm fudgesicles!

love this picture.... so cute!


our family!

such a big girl testing out the water... she had a blast!

and pooped right out!

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  1. That pic of you and Isla grinning is TOO MUCH! Love it :)