Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Matthew, NKOTBSB and my Bestie

Last night was the NKOTBSB concert. For those of you who do not know who this is, shame on you. It is the epic collaboration that is New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. Nicole and I purchased our tickets for this event on January 18th... 6 months prior. We have literally been on the countdown ever since. Now, I could be the Backstreet Boys biggest fan EVER (maybe a bit of a stretch, I don't have them tattooed on my body or anything crazy like that) but I have followed them for their 18 year careers as a boy band. My walls were plastered with photos of each of them (minus Howie and Kevin... not my faves), Brian being my absolute favorite. As I said to Nicole on the way to the concert... "I have memories that correspond to each BSB song". "What's your memory to 'I Need You Tonight'"? asks Nicole. "Lying on Christy's floor in grade 9 talking about the boys we liked that never liked us back". "What about 'Quit Playing Games With My Heart"? "Well, I sang karaoke to this song in Vegas, not to mention obsessing over the video where they are shirtless in the rain... taking note that Brian was the only one who's shirt remained on his body and tacking this up to mean that he was modest and therefore, the best one for marriage material". Honestly, I absolutely love them. And even after all these years, I still hold them and their music very dear to my boy-band obsessed heart. New Kids is a bit different for me as I was a mere 1 year old when their career started. However, I can appreciate a great boy band when I see one and they certainly are. They paved the way for the likes of the BSB and N'Sync (another personal fave). Not to mention that Donny Wahlberg is like 43 years old and he DEFINITELY has still got it (Becky, I think he has emerged into my top 10). Yowsers. And then, as if this evening could not get any more jam packed with hotness, Matthew Morrison (aka Mr. Shuester from GLEE) signs on as their opening act. We almost lost our minds when he performed. He was UNREAL. He did a great mix of his own music and some Glee covers, including an amazing rendition of 'Gold Digger'. Our dancing bums did not touch our seats all night... we had an absolutely incredible time filled with lots of laughs, lots of tears as a result of those laughs, lots of nostalgic memories and lots of delicious food at Famoso prior to the concert (we needed to fuel ourselves). It truly was one of THE BEST times of my life. I couldn't of gone with a better person, whom is equally obsessed with the NKOTBSB + MM phenomenon. I speak for the both of us when I say that it what was worth every penny and more... and the hoarse man-ness that is my voice today.... and the exhaustion that has consumed myself as a result. Feast your eyes on these:

in the car, on our way!

MR. SHUE!!!!!!!!!!!


during the transition time between MM & NKOTBSB, we entertained ourselves with a themed, impromptu photo shoot. Above, we call this look our 'smoulder'.

the 'what if we saw MM in person' look.

as a result, if we did see him, this is our 'wooing him' face. 

the 'pick our nose' look

our 'alien' face

and then.... the money shot. NKOTBSB.

the minute they hit the stage. We were screaming messes at this point.

the ladies beside us let us use their binoculars. I crept Brian the entire time those things were glued to my face. One of my favorite shots of the night.

our 'swooning' faces

my love, Brian Littrell

Donny Wahlberg... mere seconds after ripping off his shirt. You can imagine that this action led us to be screaming like pre-pubescent school girls. And, that is what we felt like all evening. 

The New Kids... with their ballads. "Please... Don't go girl!"

Consequently, our 'ballad' face. 


At the end of the night. All of them saying goodbye.

It really was incredibly fun being a teenage girl again for one night! And although I definitely don't miss this time in my life, it was truly refreshing to scream and swoon and sway to the music. So happy. 


  1. Hahahahahahahhahahahaha, I love it Jill!

  2. This is what I call a "really putting yourself out there" post! Haha!

  3. I am proud of my love of boy bands. Why try to hide it?

  4. This post is hilarious...I'm glad you and Nicole had so much fun, Jill!