Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm a MIT

So, just a little post to update everyone on my new job! I am a Manager In Training at Anthropologie at West Ed and am loving it! With that comes increased hours and as a result, Isla in a day home. I work Mondays from 1-6, Thursdays from 7-2, Fridays from 7-3 and Saturdays from 2-11. Luckily, my mother in law is looking after Isla Monday afternoons and for the month of July, my mom is with her every Friday. I am very grateful for loving grandmas who are willing to watch her. It's such a blessing. Today was her first day at the day home and I am relieved that I was not given the assignment of dropping her off. After mine and Cam's prayer this morning (followed by a major tear fest from me), I left for work. The 'drop-off' did not go well and Cam informed me that it broke his little heart in two. Isla was reaching for him in amongst fits of tears (Nancy - our day home lady - informed me at pick up that after this incident, she went to the front door and layed on the welcome mat with her tiny, teary face buried in her husband's shoes = SAD). Having said all that, I picked her up and was quite pleased! She had 2 naps, ate a delicious lunch, played lots and was blowing Nancy and all the other kids kisses. I guess after some major snuggle time with Nancy, Isla warmed right up! Peace now resonates in my heart. I did not know it would be that hard to say goodbye to 2 of my days with Isla. However, I am really loving this job and the opportunity it is bringing for me by allowing me to contribute to my family financially and do something different that I thoroughly enjoy. Not to mention that I work with incredible, inspiring women and am surrounded by beautiful things. Life is good.

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  1. Aw, I'm glad the day went well for Isla, despite a bumpy start. I really think it'll be a good change for you all; something you can all benefit from! Isla is a good, sweet, girl and she'll have fun with her new day home friends.