Friday, November 29, 2013

Birthday/Christmas Wish List ...

I did this last year and actually had a lot of fun! So, I thought a happy, joyful post is just what the doctor ordered! Tis the season to be jolly... and of course to give, but there's nothing selfish about making a wish list, right? RIGHT?

In no particular order:

Fleecy Keen Jacket - Lululemon
One of my besties just purchased this jacket and it's beautiful and amazing and wonderful and gorgeous. I would want it in either the blue or the purple... maybe not... the black is nice!

In The Flow Crop II - Lululemon
Now, I already have 2 pairs of these pants, but golly gee, they are the best pants ever! EVER. I run, lift, interval train and SWEAT in them and they are amazing. I feel naked in them... and they are very figure flattering. One in every color please!

Ray Bans 
I do not own a pair of sunglasses. I've certainly never owned a NICE pair of sunglasses. I've been really looking for a great pair and this pair of indigo Ray Bans brings a very happy, joyful smile to my face! 

Anthropologie Owl Mug
I have one of these mugs already and I love it. I want more so that every morning I can drink my coffee out of one instead of waiting for mine to be clean. I have the black one... so any other color would tickle my fancy. I just love them!

MAC Lipgloss
I don't really care which kind, but I'd love a new, sexy, shiny, shimmery lipgloss. Shades: nude, peach or a pale pink!

Men's Health Power Training
I borrowed this book from a friend to read, leisurely, and it's PHENOMENAL! The way this guy trains himself and his clients really resonates with me. His ideologies are very congruent with what mine are shaping up to be. It would be a great tool for when I start training my own future clients. 

Foam Roller
With the amount that I train, a foam roller for my house would be amazing! While I watch TV or just before I go to bed, spending 10 minutes hitting the tight spots in my body would be sooooo relaxing... and so good for my body. My body is always tight... always. Foam rolling or self-myofasial release as I've learned in my course, is so important to physical health. 

I may add more but for now, that's all I got!

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