Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spartan Super!

On September 7th, I ran my biggest and most challenging race of the season... a 14 km Spartan Race. This race was located in Red Deer. Cheryl (my Spartan sister) and I, packed our bags and headed down Friday night! We checked into our hotel and then drove to the race sight... immediately we were both excited and nervous! I had been training extremely hard for this race! At the end of June, I started 6 weeks of one-on-one sessions with my trainer. He had me on a very difficult 7 week training program.
Weeks 1-4 were 2 running days (a 5 km sprint interval run, a 7 km run or a 9 km run) and 3 lifting days. Weeks 5-7 were 3 running days (alternating through the 3 distances) and 2 lifting days. This was a challenging program but golly.... it worked! I felt so strong and so prepared for the Spartan Race. My goal heading into it was to accomplish it in less than 2 hours. My final time was 1:27:32, which is 33 minutes under my goal! Not only that, I completed 2 obstacles that I failed at in the Edmonton race in June. Not only that, I was the 8th girl to finish in my heat, so I was certainly proud of that! I felt incredible during this race... fatigued, yes but not exhausted! It was SO much fun! Our trainer came down to support us and the rest of the people from Servus who ran the race! I am already looking forward to next year and the 3 distances we are aiming to accomplish: 5 km, 14 km and a 20 km, also known as the Spartan trifecta! CANNOT WAIT!

pre-race hotel shots

matching Spartan Sisters!

showing off our guns!

a little pre-race fuel... nothing like a 5 hour energy drink!

The Dream Team!

post race medal eating!

I rinsed off already... we did it!

post-race Cora's!

post-race blister! (I had one the exact same on my other foot, too)

Such an incredible experience!


  1. That blister is so effing gross (and again I thought it was your knee!!). But SO proud of you!! xo

  2. So amazing Jill!!! minus the blisters of course!! You are amazing and can do anything you put your mind too!! Congratulations on blasting your time goal out of the water!!!

  3. So so so proud of you sister!!!! I am I awe of your dedication and passion!! <3