Monday, September 23, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

This weekend, I was the recipient of 2 very touching and heartfelt acts of kindness.
On Saturday while I was at a baby shower for my beautiful new niece, a very dear dear friend of mine who I love deeply and confide in regularly, dropped off a lovely card, and a wonderful gift. I've been struggling with a few things in life lately, and this card was so positive and uplifting and it reminded me that these times will pass and I'll get through them. Inside was some bath salts (that were used immediately as I LOVE baths) and a new Lulu tank, which I also used today in my workout! It's so cute and extra special that it was a gift. Thank you, my friend from the bottom of my heart for your love and generosity! You're the cats meow!

That evening, I decided to take Annie out for Pho... and by Annie I mean myself because there was no way she was going to eat salad rolls and beef lemongrass. At the restaurant, I recognized a young family that attends our church. I've never met either of them but recognize their kids from Sunday school. We chatted for a few minutes about our kids and that was that. When I went to pay my bill, this kind family had paid for my meal. How sweet is that? It warmed my heart!

I love these things... it inspires me to do this for others. These things (or notes or a coffee drop-off) can mean the world to others but if you don't do them, you'll never know. I know how touched I felt by these 2 kind acts. I want to Pay it Forward (sidenote: remember that movie... I was a bawling mess).

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