Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Are Spartan!

This past Saturday was my Spartan Race... THE BIG RACE... THE ONE I'VE BEEN TRAINING FOR FOR MONTHS! And....

I didn't make my goal.

I wanted to do this race in under 40 minutes, and more specifically, under 38:35 (that was my trainers time last year in Calgary). The official standings are in... 46:56. So, 47 minutes. Am I disappointed? HECK NO! Am I so proud of myself? HECK YES! Did I have the best time of my life? HECK YES! This race was way beyond what I expected... the experience was just incredible. It was so euphoric... so many people coming together to accomplish a goal... such camaraderie and support, even on the course! I am already excited for my Spartan Race in Red Deer and am really hoping to sign up for the one in Calgary in August. We'll see.

The terrain of the course was insanely difficult... Rabbit Hill like 10 times. Just when I thought I couldn't go uphill anymore, another hill would hit me in the face and up I climbed. I was muddy, exhausted, rope burned and bleeding at the end of it, but man, it was AMAZING! I didn't complete all of the obstacles, which translated to a hell of a lot of burpees... 120 to be exact. These are both time consuming and physically exhausting. But, I successfully did sandbag carries, tire flips, wall climbs, mud crawls, cinder block drags etc... I felt so proud of my accomplishment at the end. It was awesome doing with a friend, Cheryl and having our trainer there to support us and take pictures/videos.

I cannot wait until next year!

Spartan Sisters... fueling up with some coffee at 6 am!

Cheryl, CJ and I... The Dream Team!

Pre-Race *note the hill*

getting revved up... FLEX!

immediately post race... slightly dirty.


post race snuggles!

Me, Nicole and Skyla! 

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