Monday, July 8, 2013

Color Me Rad!

This past Saturday morning, my friend Cheryl assembled a team to run the 5km 'Color Me Rad' race at the Edmonton Expo Center. The proceeds went directly to the Stollery Children's Hospital... a charity that I can definitely support! We ran with 2 friends from Servus: Conrad, a trainer at the gym and Nolan, another die-hard Servus member... like myself. 

We got down to the race grounds and it literally was a purple haze! It was so exciting to see everyone covered in various colors... one giant rainbow was everywhere! We found our place at the start line and when we were told to go... we ran! Every kilometer or so, there was a group of people dousing us with colored powder and liquid paint! My white shirt was sea of indigo, purple and yellow! Note to self * do not run through a color station with a massive smile plastered to your face... a mouthful of purple cornstarch does not taste good*. This race was just so much fun! I can't say that enough... such a relaxed, fun environment! When we all met up at the end, we stayed for an epic color bombing event... COLOR EVERYWHERE! I was covered... my hair was green, my ears were purple, my chest was pink, my arm sweat was orange.. it was INSANE! When I showered, it looked like a unicorn puked all over my shower floor. Needless to say, this was such a good time! Can't wait till next year!

ps- Me and race environments are becoming rapid best friends!

Sunglass Spartan Sisters!

Our Dream Team: Nolan, Cheryl, Me and Conrad!

A nice, color free, pre-race smile.

And... post race smile!

Awe. My love!



Yep, I ran with a fanny pack!

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