Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing Baby Schellenberg the Second

Today, Cam and I had the incredible privilege of meeting our second child. Behold it's utter awesome-ness. The entire process of the creation of a child is both equally beautiful and mind blowing. After drinking a liter of water and having to make several laps of the waiting room, TRYING to hold in my copious amounts of urine, I was ushered into the ultrasound room. I remember like it was yesterday my first ultra sound with Isla... and my emotions today were equally as strong as they were the first time around. Instantly, love filled my heart and my eyes filled with tears and immediately I knew how much this baby will change my life (obviously in a positive way... despite the lack of sleep). The technician took several photos of baby and then brought in Cam and she showed us BABY... it's limbs (if you look carefully in this photo, you can see a skinny baby leg *tear*), its stomach, it's little heart beating at 144 bpm (Isla's was always in the 160's... could this mean a boy?), it's big brain, its developing spinal cord and of course, its adorable little face (what a cute shot of baby's nose and mouth, right?). All of this on a tiny human that is 3 inches long... absolutely breath taking, isn't it? I am so incredibly blessed to be able to experience pregnancy again, and then to get a gift like a healthy, beautiful baby at the end... how could I be so lucky. Thank you Jesus for Cam, Isla and my little baby. 


  1. Beautiful post Jill, and beautiful sweet baby! It truly is such an amazing, mind-blowing miracle, and such a blessing. I'm so pumped for you, Cam, and Isla :) xoxo

  2. Auntie loves you baby Schellenberg!!!! Kisses!!

  3. Look at how laid back that baby is, just relaxing! We are so excited for you guys!