Tuesday, April 12, 2011

24 days and counting...

So, just thought I would share the exciting news.

No, I am not pregnant.

Now that that has been said, I am going to VEGAS!! And I know what you are all thinking? Didn't you just go? The answer is yes, I did. But I am going again... this time, with 2 of my close girlfriends, Kayley and Monica! We are leaving May 7th and coming home May 10th... 3 nights! I am SO excited! The average temperature in May is 31 degrees... that is reason enough to go! We are staying at TI Treasure Island and we are just looking forward to getting our tan on by the pool, doing a little shopping and having some great meals together. Not to mention, everything else Vegas will bring us. I simply cannot wait.

our hotel

the pool

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  1. Have fun! Vegas won't know what to do when you, Kayley and Monica hit the town!