Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Walking Wonder


This is very exciting news! And I am the proudest Mama on planet earth. Some of you already know that Isla has been walking along furniture for MONTHS now. On her first birthday, I remember saying that it was only a matter of days until she is a full blown walker. Well, 2.5 months later, she is! On Sunday, she was taking steps in between crawling, on Monday when we went to visit Cam at work, she was trucking all over the warehouse and on Tuesday, she decided that crawling was for chumps and now walks everywhere. It is so neat to watch your child be proud of themselves. All night last night, Isla was walking around our house with her buddha belly protruding and this magnificent look of pride plastered to her beautiful face. If our attention diverged from her new accomplishment, she would yell (literally) to get us to watch her again. She is so cute! Here are some pictures, just for fun!

her new 'cheese' face

pumped for bath time

her favorite time of the day


walking to her books!!

look at that form! She is a pro!

Loving her pizza!


  1. Yay Isla! Way to go, sweet girl!

  2. Woo hoo, Isla! Love the "look at her form" photo - she truly has got walking mastered!