Monday, March 28, 2011


I was at my Grandma's house a while back and was going through old picture albums of me in my childhood to see if there is any similarities between Isla and me. I came across this photo of me at about 2 years old in my grandpa's work boots. It's one of my favorite pictures. My grandfather passed away 7 years ago and it just captures me and my love for him. I imagine myself saying "I want to be just like Grandpa" as I climbed into his monstrous shoes.
Isla's latest obsession is to play with the shoes at our back entry... she pulls them all off the shelves and walks around the house carrying one in each hand. She goes back to the entry way, changes the shoes she carries and keeps on her way. At the back entrance, Cam's work boots were sitting there and then I remembered the photo of me. I had to re-enact it with Isla.

a smile


Love Her.


  1. These two pics together are great. You should post the one of you!