Monday, June 17, 2013

Race Recap....

Well, this race season is off and running (get it, running? I am SO funny). As I previously blogged about, I have 5 races this Spring/Summer. I have completed 2 of them and I am incredibly proud of myself and my accomplishments. I set personal goals for each race... I don't care what 'place' I come in, I could be dead last for all I care, I just want to meet my time goals that I have set for myself.

June 1st - Spring Sprint (5km): I finished this race in approximately 22 minutes! I was aiming for under 25 minutes, so my goal was achieved! I was surprisingly nervous to do this... it's always a race against myself.

June 15th - VOH Run (10km): I finished this race in 47:55. My goal was under 55 minutes so I blew this goal out of the water! When I crossed the finished line and looked at my watch, I was so happy! I really set a fast pace from the beginning and managed to maintain it throughout my entire run. My second half was 40 seconds faster than my first half... not great but better than being slower. My aim is to always finish strong... kick it up a notch at the end!

I have worked incredibly hard (although, most days it NEVER feels like work... I genuinely LOVE being in the gym... and could be for multiple hours a day) and it is amazing to see and feel your hard work pay off! I think it's ok to be proud of your accomplishments and I know I certainly am!

On June 29th is my first Spartan Race... the one that I have been specifically training for! I am both insanely excited and nervous for this day! We (Cheryl, my training partner) and I run at 8 am! Fresh course, fresh air... should be an overwhelmingly awesome feeling! My goal is to finish in under 40 minutes (and more specifically, 38 minutes but I'll settle for 40). After we complete our race, we are going out for pancakes to celebrate! Woot!!!

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