Monday, December 17, 2012

I boycotted...

Ok. I was gonna give up blogging. I was really annoyed and frustrated about having to purchase space aka the right to upload photos. I still have not done this so these next few posts will have zero photos of any goings on. However, I know there are a few of you that do read this and like reading updates on our lives (or so you say, you may be lying). What have we been up to lately?

Last Monday was my 28th birthday. For real. 28. I have been an adult for 10 years. It's truly crazy how fast it all flies by. I awoke to a gift on the kitchen table for me from Cam and the girlies. They had bought me my fleece lined Lulu pants mentioned in my wish list! Hooray! I have gotten a lot of use out of them already during this chilly December. We headed to the gym for a spin class and then met one of my dearest dearest friends who was in town for the weekend for coffee. She had not met Annie-Roo yet so it was definitely time to introduce them. Her wonderful mom came along too and we had a very special visit! It was the first time we were together for one of our birthdays in a decade! WOW! When Cam came home from work, we went to Boston Pizza with the girlies for dinner! It was sweet to spend the evening with our little family. When we were putting the girls to bed, there was a knock on the door. My sister in law totally surprised me by kidnapping me for dessert. Her thoughtfulness was so kind and made me feel really loved! When we got to our destination, there was another surprise! 5 other special lady friends were there too to celebrate with me! It was truly a very touching moment... being showered with love and kindness really feels good! We had a lovely time and my day was just perfect!

As far as Christmas activities go, we have really tried to make the most of the season! We have done an entire gingerbread village, where Isla ate the candy and Cam constructed. I observed! We also took the girls to Candy Cane Lane last night! Isla was chilly and so she kinda just sat in her stroller and looked at the lights (I guess that's the point of it, right?) I wore Annie in the backpack and I could feel her kicking with glee and excitement the entire walk. She had rosy cheeks and a runny nose but that didn't stop her. She really loved it (or at least that's what her body language said). We also took the girls to see Santa. Isla was really excited... until it came time to sit on his knee. She wouldn't have it. As a result? THE best Santa picture of all time! Annie is crying (to be expected) and Isla is sitting beside Santa, not touching him, back turned to him with a giant frown on her face. It really is classic. Definitely something to be shown at their weddings. I am so smitten with it! We attended 2 Christmas parties this past weekend which were so much fun! Saw some old friends and enjoyed great conversation and delicious food! It really is a wonderfully magic time of year! It always warms my heart to spend time with people I love so much and who love us in return!

So, it's been a busy yet wonderful December thus far! More greatness to come!

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