Thursday, January 27, 2011

Party Time

Last weekend, Isla attended another birthday party of one of her friends (she has loads more friends than me). Nolan Wakulchyk was turing 3 years old! We headed out to his place where we enjoyed lots of sledding, sunshine, trails, snacks and Toy Story 3 birthday cake! I absolutely love having a family... these birthday parties are always SUCH a blast for Cam and I to attend. We get to hang out with our friends while Isla interacts with her friends; a win-win situation. It's such a great excuse to get together with all our friends and talk and eat and laugh and play. So great. Here are some photos:

 Friends Kevin and Luci

 Twinsies: Martin and Isla

 eating snow.

 so sweet.

 the herd: Beckett, Kinley, Martin, Nolan, Easton, Atticus, Luci and Isla
Front Row: Kyla, Lyla, Everlea, Torin and Tayven

 A conked out Isla 5 minutes after leaving the party: she had so much fun :)

And, an added bonus photo: We had a toe painting party... Cam painted my toes while I painted Isla's toes. Same color. 

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  1. I love the pic of "the herd" - all those little ones lined up :)